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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

It's that kind of night... and that kind of feeling...

   Good evening, loves...
   When not walking the city that never sleeps with Joy Division in the old headphones we have been spending time working on a number of new print series... A few are a bit different from what you may expect from OCMC, but OCMC they are. The thought is to make some of these prints available to those who have asked when there would be a print run, and we will keep you updated.
   The show at L'Asso is continuing... Initially it was thought it would end at the end of May but it is on going. Stop by, enjoy the show, and enjoy some icredible brick oven pizza while you are there. We may do a small signed and numbered print run of one of the pieces from this show very soon...
   Until then, love and ink...
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Monday, June 18, 2012

Good evening from the city that never sleeps...

   The show at L'Asso (located in Soho at the corner of Mott St. and Kenmare) continues... The thought was this would be ending at the end of May but it seems that reactions to it have been truly flattering and on it goes. Please stop in to take a look and while there enjoy the brick oven pizza, it's some of the best in NYC.
   Our friends at www.solifestyle.com, who took these lovely photos, have written a very nice article recently you can read here.
 (Photo: Courtesy Solifestyle.com)
Thank you so much to everyone who came to see it, the overwhelming response to this show, it has meant a lot.
 (Photo: Courtesy Solifestyle.com)
We are considering doing a limited print run of two of the pieces in the show... More to come soon, as the next month all focus will be in the print studio. Several surpises await.
 (Photo: Courtesy Solifestyle.com)
OCMC_Ali_Death_Crash_art_show.jpg (Photo: Courtesy Solifestyle.com)
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