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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Achtung from the headquarters...

   Apologies for the lack of updates but that will be rectified very soon...
   For those who are stopping in we will be having our very first OCMC print giveaway this coming Valentine's Day on the OCMC Facebook page. Simply stop by the page, hit "like" and you will be entered. The print will be a limited run of 14 prints... All will be signed and numbered. Winners will be picked at random on February 14th.
   Enter here: OCMC Facebook
   Some new friends will also be coming out shortly, as well as a small show in February... Info to come...
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Monday, January 9, 2012

The OCMC Propaganda Shop opens!

   Due to a number of requests for an OCMC iPhone case on Facebook, we decided to set up on OCMC oniline shop. You can currently choose from several artwork designs and all are signed by the artist on the inside of the case in signature OCMC silver...
   We hope at some point soon to be able to off original artwork from time to time as well as prints...
   More to come. Until then, stop in to the shop and take a look: http://ocmc.bigcartel.com/
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Write the headquarters: OCMCPropaganda@gmail.com